Finding the Best Dementia Care in Houston, TX

If you have a family member that has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, your top priority is ensuring they have the best care available. Finding a program that specializes in dementia with specially trained caregivers that you can trust is essential. A simple search for “caregivers dementia Houston” may turn up many results, but how do you know what memory care facilities and care options will meet your needs?

Seniors with dementia benefit from structure, supportive caregivers who know how to communicate effectively with them, and tailored programs that engage them cognitively and emotionally.

Do Your Research

You’ll want to spend some time interviewing potential caregivers and consider the following:

  • Do they offer the specific services that your loved one needs?
  • Is the staff trained in dementia care and are they thoroughly screened?
  • How are care plans created and reviewed?
  • How are family members communicated with?
  • Schedule an on-site visit to observe how associates and care providers interact with residents. Are they involved with activities? Do they communicate and interact well with residents?

Proveer at Northgate is solely devoted to caring for seniors with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. The word proveer means “to provide” and that is our focus: to provide the best care possible for seniors living with memory loss and cognitive impairment.

 “Great experience! The property is beautiful and the staff is amazing!! Highly recommend Proveer at Northgate to take care of your loved one.” – Leigh Ann G., Facebook review

Specialized care

Our Cherish program employs caring, dedicated associates who are specially trained in dementia care and are available to support your loved one, 24/7. We get to know our residents and create a personalized, engaging, innovative, and meaningful approach to their care.

The program is robust, centered around wellness, and delivers high-quality, exceptional, and diverse enrichment.

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Knowing that you’ve found a program that has all of the components needed to care for your loved one is essential. You also want to trust that the staff and leadership team are kind, professional, and compassionate. With Proveer at Northgate, you’ll never have to worry about who is caring for your loved one. Our associates, care providers, and leaders are dedicated to providing excellent care and thriving environments for seniors.

A caring leadership team

Proveer founder and CEO Matthew Thornton has extensive experience in senior living, leading operations, clinical, and sales teams in long-term care environments, including independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing. He also deeply cares for seniors and is devoted to helping enrich their lives with kindness and compassion.

The leadership team with Proveer at Northgate is equally devoted to our residents. Our Memory Care Director loves her career and has been in the senior care industry for over 27 years. Her focus is always on residents and families and she enjoys getting to know them and building strong relationships.

Our Health and Wellness Director works alongside associates and partners to provide exceptional care for residents. Throughout her nursing career, she’s been devoted solely to caring for seniors. She believes it’s a gift to connect with each one of her residents and that they are both equally rewarded.

Our Executive Director is passionate about creating a supportive environment for family, residents, and staff. Her background in community operations prepared her to work with the population she most wanted to help, seniors in memory care. She’s dedicated to making a positive impact on those she serves.

The care they deserve

If you’ve been struggling to provide care for your loved one with dementia, it’s okay to ask for help. There are experts you can rely on and programs like Cherish, that will not only meet their needs but help them live better lives. Let us help you navigate the complex world of memory care. Our kind, knowledgeable staff are here to be that support and helping hand that you both need.

Imagine your loved one living well with:

  • 24/7 associates, specialized in memory care
  • Specialized service plans for personalized care
  • Medication management and administration
  • Nutritious and brain-healthy meals three times a day with snacks and beverages
  • Lifestyle activities every day promoting wellness and fitness
  • Concierge service for visits or any coordination questions


Are you ready to lift the burden of finding excellent care off your shoulders?

Let us help. If you’ve been searching for, “caregivers dementia, Houston” look no further. Contact a memory care expert today to get more information, and come by for a visit. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about memory care services.

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