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The senior population in Houston has boomed in the last decade. The number of people over 55 is growing at a steadier rate than young people. The older adult growth also marks the rise of dementia, especially Alzheimers. Dementia help in Houston is needed now more than ever.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, one in nine people over 65 live with cognitive impairments.

What can people do when diagnosed with Alzheimer’s?

Currently, there is no cure for most forms of dementia. Houston memory care communities like Proveer at Northgate function to remove the caretaking burden from family members. These communities also offer specialized care and programs that relieve the anxiety and stress seniors living with dementia experience.

One of the best ways to slow memory loss, especially in the early stages, is to stay physically and mentally active. A process called neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to form new connections around sections affected by dementia.

Experts agree heart health correlates directly to brain function. Physical activity also reduces other mental health problems like anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The more the body moves, the more the brain has to work.

Seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia with Proveer at Northgate rely on the activity calendar filled with creative pursuits and physical activity to find comfort in their lives.

What exercises are good for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia?

Keep in mind exercise is not a cure for dementia, but it can help slow memory loss progression. An article in Seniors Matter suggests physical activities “must engage the individual almost to the maximum of his or her ability, and it must also address a specific task related to an Activity of Daily Living (ADL) or parts of that task.”

Memory care with Proveer at Northgate relies on physical movements related to daily life. Any activity that promotes hand-eye coordination, repetitive motions, or life skills is suitable for people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Regular aerobic, strength, and balance training* are excellent ways to stay fit at any age stage of life, including with Alzheimer’s.

*Consult with your doctor before beginning any new activity programs.

1. Gardening

Our memory care community includes a serene greenhouse. It’s not just a relaxing place to hang out; our greenhouse provides a secure environment for seniors to work out their minds and body.

Gardening is a whole sensory experience. Engaging all the senses is vital for calming people with cognitive impairments. Even if the senior isn’t growing an actual garden, repetitive movements like digging and raking are beneficial forms of exercise.

The benefits of gardening include:

  • Hand-eye and muscle coordination
  • Strength and endurance training
  • Exposure to good bacteria for a healthy immune system

2. Tai Chi

The calming motions of tai chi promote cognitive function. Body movements aligned with breathing create positive benefits like:

  • Coordination
  • Muscle strength
  • Flexibility
  • Lubricating joints
  • Easing pain and stiffness

Strength and coordination are preventative measures for reducing the risk of senior falls. Tai chi is an easy and effective way for people living with dementia to maintain strength.

3. Seated Exercise

Many physical activities can be adapted to be performed while sitting. Many of these motions are an excuse to have fun while also getting a little workout. Try adjusting these activities into seated positions:

Seniors with limited mobility or reduced endurance can find solace in maintaining physical fitness while staying seated.

Dancing also opens the door to introduce the power of music to people with cognitive impairments. Something as simple as tapping a toe to the beat can burn a few calories and promote coordination.

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What are the levels of care available in Houston memory care?

Specialized care services are available with Proveer at Northgate for dementia in the early stages and beyond. Many memory care facilities in Houston also operate as independent living and assisted living communities. Our environment is built exclusively for memory care services only.

Nursing homes are often sought out for dementia care services, but they also have a hefty price tag. If your loved one doesn’t need a high level of medical care on a daily basis, memory care is an excellent alternative.

The care team with Proveer at Northgate provides kind and compassionate personalized care to fit the needs of each resident. Everyone’s journey with dementia is different, and our nurses and specialized team members understand how to adapt to unique situations.

Care is available round the clock and includes:

  • Data-based therapeutic approaches
  • Medication management
  • Activities of daily living assistance
  • Personal care and hygiene support

Our residents live in private or companion studio apartments. Housekeeping, laundry, and maintenance services ensure loved ones live in a clean environment.

Does Proveer at Northgate have signature programs?

Cherish is the program that sets our Houston dementia care community apart. The Cherish Dimensions of Wellness include:

  • Stay Moving
  • Pursue Knowledge
  • Explore Art
  • Give Back
  • Build Relationships
  • Be Enriched

Proveer at Northgate has trademark programs like My Moment™ and Greenthumb Gardner™. We encourage senior enjoyment with supervised Experience Excursions, and the Resident Engagement Committee meeting gives residents a chance to give input into their activity schedule.

Taking care of family members living with dementia should not be done alone. Houston caretakers can join our monthly support group to receive tips and let off steam with people who understand their situation.


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