Activities For Seniors With Dementia In Houston, TX

How Proveer at Northgate Incorporates the Houston Area into Cherish Memory Care Programming

Proveer at Northgate is a senior living community in North Houston, TX. We are committed to caring for those struggling with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

What is Cherish Memory Care?

Cherish Memory Care is our special brand of memory care programming with Proveer at Northgate.

Proveer at Northgate | Memory care resident holding flowers alongside associate
A diagnosis of dementia does not mean that life has to slow down. The associates with Proveer at Northgate are trained to gently guide our residents to daily fulfillment that fits their needs and abilities.
PersonalizedCherish programming is as individual as each resident. We want to know the specific needs your loved one has so we can tailor our care to make the most of each day.
EngagingEvery day is structured to provide the comfort of a predictable routine while still giving residents opportunities to have new experiences through exploration of the world around them.
MeaningfulHaving a sense of purpose is important to seniors. We encourage them to take a role, no matter how small, in making the community a better place.
InnovativeDementia research has come so far and continues to advance. With Proveer at Northgate, we make it a priority to stay in the know and incorporate new technology for the care of dementia as it becomes available.

Why do seniors with dementia need engaging activities?

Careful, deliberate curation of meaningful activities can have many benefits for seniors with dementia, according to the AARP.

  • Improve quality of life – Having fun things to do just makes life better, and as the saying goes, rolling stones gather no moss.
  • Lessen anxiety and depression – Activities provide an outlet for pent-up energy that can lead to anxiety and agitation. They also give residents socialization opportunities and something to look forward to.
  • Maintain motor skills – Seniors often lose fine motor skills as they age. Practicing things like buttons, zippers, and writing will help maintain those skills and foster a sense of independence.
  • Exercise the body – Whether it is walking or chair exercises, physical activity boosts the mood with natural serotonin and keeps the body in good shape.
  • Exercise the brain – Keeping the brain active helps slow the effects of Alzheimer’s.
  • Self expression – Communication becomes more difficult as dementia progresses, but artistic endeavors can give seniors a way to express themselves.
  • Sense of purpose – By incorporating everyday life skills into the daily routine, seniors retain a connection to a larger purpose in the community.

How does Proveer at Northgate incorporate engaging activities into Cherish planning?

With Proveer at Northgate, we utilize a combination of activities in the residential community and excursions into the greater Houston area to creatively put together an exciting and diverse schedule of events.

How Proveer at Northgate Can Help Your Loved One

Proveer at Northgate is dedicated to providing the best care to seniors with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia in the Houston area. We don’t want to just settle for meeting basic needs. We want our residents to thrive and continue to live a happy life. Come visit us and see for yourself.

Want to see what kind of activities are happening now? Contact us for a tour.

Want to learn more?

Tell us about your loved one’s needs and we’ll provide you with valuable information tailored to you and your family.

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