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Whether you are curious to know more about Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia or you are a caregiver yourself, we hope that the Proveer at Northgate blog will be a resource to you.

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Proveer at Northgate | Senior couple on couch surrounded by boxes

Designing Your Senior Living Apartment

Tips for What to Bring and How You Can Style It to Suit Your Loved One’s Personal Tastes Proveer at Northgate is a dementia care …

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Proveer at Northgate | Reception area

How Much Does Memory Care Cost in Houston?

If you’re looking for memory care in Houston but can’t figure out the cost, Proveer at Northgate is here to help. Time is a valuable asset …

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Proveer at Northgate | Greenhouse

How Gardening Helps Seniors with Memory Loss in Houston

Working in the dirt and witnessing the fruits of your labor is one of life’s finest rewards. It’s something many of us take for granted, …

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Proveer at Northgate | Daughter visiting senior mother

Can I Visit My Parent with Alzheimer’s in Their Memory Care Community?

Texas approved visitation in senior living back in March. Of course, there were many precautions to consider before facilities could choose a path forward. In …

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Proveer at Northgate | Memory care resident holding flowers alongside associate

Activities For Seniors With Dementia In Houston, TX

How Proveer at Northgate Incorporates the Houston Area into Cherish Memory Care Programming Proveer at Northgate is a senior living community in North Houston, TX. …

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Proveer at Northgate | Senior receiving vaccine

Why Proveer at Northgate’s Associates Are Getting Vaccinated and Protecting Houston Seniors from COVID-19

The world came to a halt in 2020. Life as we knew it seemingly changed overnight. The negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will linger …

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